Dirty Electricity Could be Making You Sick

(Published in March 2019 First Monday by Karen Minty)

Do you have an abundance of Dirty Electricity in your home or office?

Nick Wallace, an Electrical Engineer and owner of QSR Electrical Engineering wants everyone to know what Dirty Electricity and RF-EMF is and how it can affect you. After becoming ill with symptoms ranging from headaches, irritability, loss of concentration and a general sense of pressure surrounding his head, he started to research what could be causing it.

"I felt like I had suddenly developed ADHD. I just couldn't concentrate. I seemed to have a muzzy head a lot of the time. It took a long time for my head to clear," explains Nick.

The more research Nick did, the more he came to the conclusion that he had electrical hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is defined by the World Health Organization as a phenomenon where people experience adverse health effects while using or in the vicinity of devices that emit electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields aka RF-EMF. This includes devices such as power panels, cables, cell phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors, and wireless computers, just to name a few.

To test his theory, Nick purchased an Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) meter and a dirty electricity (microsurge) meter and started to test his surroundings. When he discovered how high the levels were, he invested in some filters for his office and home. He noticed that some of his electronics had very high levels and replaced his computer monitor and wireless phone with ones that have lower electromagnetic field.

Rearranging furniture and positioning devices further away also helped. It wasn't long before Nick found much relief in his symptoms. "After making some changes and installing the filters, I slowly returned to normal. My mood is better now, the headaches are gone, and I can concentrate again." Interestingly enough, when Nick is exposed to elevated electromagnetic fields, his symptoms reoccur.

RF-EMF and Dirty Electricity is the cause of Radio Wave Sickness and symptoms can range from neurological, cardiac, respiratory and digestive problems, as well as affect your eyes and skin. Common neurological symptoms include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and difficulty concentrating. Other symptoms can include heart palpitations, asthma, skin rashes, burning eyes, hair loss, dehydration, nosebleeds and increased cancer rates.

If you suspect you have EHS, you can talk to your doctor about your symptoms. For more information, or to have your home or office inspected you can contact Nick at 519.328.1335 or email nick@qsrelectrical.com

QSR can test your home for the following common EMF pollution in your home

Radio Frequency Radiation (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless & cell phones, house wiring):



Magnetic Field Radiation (power lines, water lines, faulty wiring):


https://buildingbiology.com/about-the-institute/ click on the Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBM)


Electric Fields (stoves, lamps, laptops, monitors, TVs, ungrounded cords):


Dirty Electricity (lighting, computers, treadmills, washing machines, photocopiers, TVs):



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