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Area Classification

A hazardous area classification analysis is a risk assessment process used to determine the probability of a flammable atmosphere being present during normal or abnormal operations.

The analysis divides the facility into zones of risk which is used to determine the appropriate equipment and wiring methods for safe operation. The Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) requires a hazardous area classification according to the nature of the hazards which includes explosive gas atmospheres, combustible dust hazards, or ignitable fibres and materials.

Electrical equipment may provide the spark or heat required to ignite these potential hazards; it is important that electrical equipment is properly designed and installed for the area classification.  Explosions may present significant and potentially fatal risks to workers and facility damage if hazards are not properly assessed. 

With the area classification analysis, QSR offers a Source of Release Worksheet, Layout Drawing, Electrical Equipment Requirements, Deficiencies found, Recommendations, Training to employees, and a full Report.

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