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A study of particular importance due to employee safety and federal regulations is called an Arc-flash analysis. Industries are required to quantify the risk involved while working on or near energised electrical equipment – an arc-flash study does just that.

Electrical workers and Operating technicians face potential occupational hazards where they can be severely burned by an arc-flash incident – very high energy (heat, sound, chemical, mechanical) released during a fault. This may occur during routine switching, troubleshooting tasks, or without initiating any cause.

Operators run the electrical process equipment and are responsible to turn it on and off. Even with the doors closed when switching they may blow open, and fire escapes even with doors remaining closed. Electricians maintain the equipment and at times must troubleshoot with the circuits live.

What can go wrong? Water, dust, and mice may get into electrical equipment; components fail; human error; resetting a tripped breaker onto a remaining fault; throwing the wrong switch; untrained electrical technicians inadvertently change protective settings to prevent nuisance trips; lack of maintenance; all of these scenarios potentially result in a serious arc-flash event.

These risks require an arc-flash analysis, safe work procedures, risk assessments, training and appropriate maintenance to reduce the consequences of an arc-flash hazard and to comply with federal and provincial regulations. QSR provides a holistic electrical safety program package.

Arc-flash studies is a blend of improving safety and reliability. Safety is the focus without sacrificing operational reliability. Often miscoordination is found and corrected to prevent large power outrages when a potential arc-flash event occurs.

QSR Electrical Engineering works with all company stakeholders (Operations, Maintenance, Reliability, Engineering and Health & Safety). Each shall realize the hazards and methods to manage the risks.

The success of any program depends largely on the aspirations of those involved. QSR Electrical Engineering has high aspirations to protect workers working on or near electrical equipment and keep them safe.

Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis includes:

  • Arc-flash study
  • Coordination, short-circuit & load flow studies
  • Full report and Arc-flash Labels
  • Recommendations for increasing safety & reliability
  • Recommendations for appropriate PPE

Also required as per CSA Z462:

  • Safe Work Practices policy
  • Electrical safety training and certification
  • Recommended Maintenance for electrical equipment
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