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Controlling Hazardous Energy (LOTO)

A complete program contains a written Procedure, Recordkeeping forms, Training and Audits.

When servicing equipment, serious injury or death can occur due to unintentional electrical energy. Identifying and controlling all hazardous electrical energy sources prior to engaging in maintenance activities is vital to protecting your personnel.

Providing proper Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) safety critical procedures and training helps to prevent an unplanned start-up of equipment while its being worked on (preventing electrical and mechanical hazards), as well as preventing inadequate electrical isolations. LOTO programs reduce the number of injuries/fatalities at your facility and helps you remain compliant with mandated safety standards. QSR Electrical Engineering creates customized procedures to ensure that workers have a step by step understanding of how to isolate, lock, tag and test electrical energy.

Lockout/Tagout procedures apply for personnel protection when workers must work on any equipment that is electrically supplied and doing so would present a hazard to them. Minor maintenance such as greasing, vibration, amperage or temperature checks do not require that the equipment be shut down, tagged and locked out unless you are disabling or removing a protective barrier such as a coupling guard.

The Lockout/Tagout procedure should be integrated into other work protection requirements when doing work on equipment. Other forms of energy include mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, nuclear, chemical, radiation, thermal, compressed air, energy stored in springs and potential energy (gravity).

Recordkeeping forms are used as procedural checklist for the Supervisor and Worker, whilst working through the repair stages and shift changes.

The purpose of the Electrical Lockout/Tagout Audit is to ensure completeness and understanding of the Electrical Lockout procedure and maintain compliance with CSA Z462. It is intended to identify potential situations which could lead to accidents. Lockout audits shall be conducted every one year at minimum and at higher frequency if field audit results dictate.

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