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EMF Home and Small Business Inspections

If you're concerned that your home or office may be contaminated with electromagnetic fields (EMF) it may be wise to have your home or business inspected.

QSR can measure and mitigate electrical pollution in the home and office. These pollutions contribute to various health issues including headaches, irritation, concentration difficulties, and behavioural and adverse biological changes. There is a widespread (and mistaken) assumption that our electrical environment has been carefully studied and monitored and, save for a few exceptions, found to be harmless. Standards exist to limit exposure to high-frequency radiation, magnetic & electric fields, and dirty electricity, all common in many homes and businesses; however it is up to the end user to realize and apply it.

QSR will measure Magnetic fields, Electric fields, and Radio-frequency (all found in air space), as well as, Dirty Electricity (found in wiring that is emitted into air space as high frequency radiation). We will provide a report and may supply dirty electricity filters at your power panel and problematic areas as desired.

5G – Is it safe for children?

Let’s start with some toxic ingredients we are exposed to like pesticides in food, fluoridation in water (recently labelled as a neurotoxin by The Lancet), smog-like air pollution, wireless 3G & 4G (2.4GHz), and now 5G (30 – 100 GHz).

1 GHz = 1 billion cycles (waves penetrating your body) every second. All wireless EMF emit radiation. So how does 5G fit in to this toxic soup we are brewing for our children and selves?

Well, science has monitored and measured EMF for decades; they see it causes an immune response – which creates inflammatory proteins, and is the precursor to disease. So, we are creating chronic auto-immune disease because wireless technologies are strong, and always on.

While many inflammatory stress factors are controllable with breathing, diet, and allergy management, 5G will aggravate the toxins we cannot protect ourselves from, and more so in people already living with auto-immune disease.

If 5G proceeds, 3G & 4G won’t go away; ‘mini cell towers’ will be placed on most hydro poles outside of homes, businesses and schools, and will radiate 3G & 4G will in every direction. That is because 5G cannot travel long distance, nor through brick and mortar.

Telecommunications companies, admit they have never done health studies; thus the FCC requested them from other US agencies. On January 7, 2021 a US Court of Appeals held the FCC to account for dismissing a US NTP study confirming today’s technologies, and ubiquitous use of, is hazardous and carcinogenic. The FCC wanted to keep using the 1996 guidelines, and thus were sued by Children’s Health Defence. In 1996, safety was based on the heating effect of a phone located inches away from the body when immune response was unknown, and not so many used these (phones, iPads, earbuds, laptops, gaming devices, and Bluetooth) on their person, homes, businesses and offices.

EMF impacts children and fetuses far more than adults. We don’t need it in homes, businesses and schools that are occupied by children and pregnant women. Contact QSR to measure your home or business, and for methods to reduce radiation levels.

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